Our Services

Our Services

Our services provide a wide assortment of treatment to suit most patient dental needs.

Dentures and Implants

Gamble Dental offers a wide variety of tooth-replacement options for those who have this need. Dr. Gamble will expertly fit dentures for maximum comfort and utility. Also, he can provide high-quality implants to replace missing teeth, making your smile whole again. Although the implant process requires several steps to accomplish, the result is a durable, realistic artificial tooth that will provide a long-term substitute for any missing teeth you may have.

Dental Exams

Dr. Gamble will conduct a thorough examination for any developing conditions or cavities, and make treatment recommendations accordingly. Regularly scheduled examinations are a critical preventative tool in monitoring oral health, making the patient aware of any potential problems and offering corrective measures to avoid more serious complications.

Tooth Extraction

In cases of significant tooth damage, Dr. Gamble may recommend the extraction of the tooth in question. If extraction is required, you can rely on Gamble Dental to ensure the process is a smooth and painless as possible. In addition to damaged teeth, extraction may also be recommended for Third Molars (Wisdom Teeth), which have a tendency to grow in "Impacted” (at an angle, smashing against your existing teeth instead of emerging directly beside the existing molars). Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment may have extraction recommended as well, to relieve crowding in the mouth and enhancing the effectiveness of treatment.

Professional Cleanings

The American Dental Association recommends semi-annual cleanings for the entire family, and Gamble Dental is happy to make sure your teeth get the proper attention they need. Our skilled staff will thoroughly clean your family's teeth, including a comprehensive brushing, flossing, and, if recommended, fluoride treatment for younger smiles.

Professional Whitening

Make your smile shine with our professional teeth whitening services. Enjoy increased confidence and a dazzling new look. Gamble Dental has available take-home whitening kits, as well as in-office procedures.


Some teeth may be healthy, but malformed, chipped, or otherwise irregularly shaped. Fortunately, a crown installed by Gamble Dental can give your tooth a natural, flawless look, improving your smile while avoiding an extraction and enjoying the benefits of retained, natural teeth. Ask Dr. Gamble for more information on how a crown may benefit your smile.

Root Canals

Through physical trauma or infection, the interior of your tooth can become damaged and cause pain. In order to save the tooth, Dr. Gamble may perform a root canal. This procedure removes interior decay and/or the damaged nerve of the tooth, and replaces them with a special filament and sealant, allowing you to retain your natural tooth. Using the latest methods, patients experience no more discomfort than if they were having a normal cleaning performed.

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A tooth being knocked out is an accident most people are susceptible to, and with proper first aid the likelihood of the dentist of being able to save the tooth is strong. Contact our office immediately, and handle the knocked out tooth very gently, avoiding the roots. If it is dirty, rinse it in water, but avoid soap or cleaning agents, and do not scrub or brush it. Place the tooth in a special solution such as Save-A-Tooth, or milk, for transport to the dentist. Do NOT store in tap water. Time is of the essence, and the sooner a dentist can re-insert the tooth into its socket, the better.

Ideally, the teeth should be cleaned after every meal, to remove food particles that may be lodged the teeth and gums. Also, beverages such as sodas and sports drinks leave an acidic residue on teeth that eats away at enamel, your tooth’s hard, protective coating, so it is best to clean your teeth after consuming these products as well.

Under normal circumstances, patients should visit the dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and examination. Gamble Dental’s staff can clean the hard-to-reach places that sometimes elude toothbrushes. Also, only a professional cleaning can remove harmful material such as calculus, hardened plaque that can not be removed through regular brushing. Timely visits also help ensure that any problems are caught in the developmental stage and complex procedures are avoided.

Flossing is a key to oral health, since it helps remove food from between the teeth and gums, where a toothbrush typically can not reach. By keeping these areas clean, your family will keep their gums healthy and firm, and avoid diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, which can lead to the loosening, and eventually, loss, of teeth.

To help make an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Gamble may have an x-ray taken to help determine the nature or extant of a dental disease or condition. Armed with the knowledge an x-ray provides, he can provide a more effective treatment, in a more efficient manner, than without an x-ray. If Dr. Gamble recommends an x-ray, it is entirely for your benefit. Plus, his convenient hand-held unit makes in-chair x-rays more convenient than ever before.

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